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ACV has sold more Hide-A-Hose inlets than all the central vacuum dealers in Colorado, COMBINED! If there is a HAH inlet installed in a home, there is a 99% chance that Hide-A-Hose inlet was installed by ACV.

Arapahoe Central Vacuum - Installs and services central vacuums in Denver, the Colorado Front Range, and beyond. We service all brands. Call us at 303-761-0729 for service or installation.

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Ask any central vacuum owner what the like most about their system, and you'll hear factors like a higher level of clean, easy to use, removes dog hair with ease, and more. Ask them what they dislike about their central vacuum, and overwhelmingly, you will hear them talk about how they dislike carrying around the 30 foot hose.

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If it is Hide-A-Hose, it's Arapahoe Central Vacuum.

This Hide-A-Hose inlet uses a TurboCat powerhead for carpeting, and a floor tool for hardwood flooring, tile, and linoleum. HAH is a great option for those homes that have a mixture of carpet or stone, wood, tile, or linoleum flooring.
       The Hide-A-Hose (HAH) gives central vacuum owners another option. HAH is a free-floating hose, stowed inside of a DEDICATED piece of PVC. These retractable hoses come in 30, 40, 50, and 60 foot long options.

The HAH uses the suction of the vacuum to draw back into the PVC inside of the wall. There is no retracting device, other than the vacuum.

A Hide-A-Hose system works extremely well with a cyclonic vacuum. Cyclonic vacuum units have high waterlift measurements, which is ideal for sucking a hose back into a dedicated piece of PVC inside of the wall.

This elevation view helps you understand how a central vacuum is installed in a home. This cut-away is also helpful to understand how we reto-fit a Hide-A-Hose into an existing home. We have never met a house we could not put a Hide-A-Hose system into. Call us 303-761-0729

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