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Silentmaster Brochure

FloMaster Specs


Vacuum Units

SilentMaster S2
120 volt
SilentMaster S44
120 volt
SilentMaster S5
240 volt
MD Part # S1254ND S1155AD S2257ND
Complete Details
- Performance
- Features
- Installation



Motor Dual by-pass
5.7", 2-stage
Single by-pass
5.7", 2-stage
Dual by-pass
5.7", 3-stage
Max Airwatt* 495 653 866
Max Amp 16 16 14
WaterLift 84" 148" 136"
CFM at 2"opening 166 130 190
Volt 120 120 240
Height / Width 37" / 14" 37" / 14" 37" / 14"
Weight 43 lbs 42 lbs 49 lbs
Trash Capacity 12 gallons 12 gallons 12 gallons
Max Ft2 6,000 8,000 20,000
Filtration Type Disposable Bag: 3 Stage HyperFlow® or Sealed Microfiltration

10 Year Transferable + Lifetime

Protection Resettable Minibreaker
Construction 18 & 20 Gauge Steel
Finish Powder-coat Paint and Sealant Inside and Out
Micron Filtration .3 microns (and more than 99% of particles under 1 micron)
Quietness 62dBA 68dBA 62dBA
Dual Exhaust
Dual Intake Valves
Utility Valve Connection

All MD Manufacturing units are sold through local dealers eliminating all middle men, such as distribution companies. This supplies you with a great product at a tremendous value. MD Power units are not authorized to be sold or priced on any websites or under different product names or private labels.

* Factors other than air watts should be taken into consideration including: altitude, amount of hours of daily usage, complexity of pipe installation, length of furthest vacuum inlet, noise level desired, type and size of filtration, country of origin, construction materials, and budget. The square footage recommendations on this page are solely based upon the suction capabilities of the unit.

** SilentMaster Warranty
M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. warrants its SilentMaster power units against electrical component failure for a period of ten (10) years (for units produced after January 1, 2014). This warranty is transferable with the unit and is not solely limited to the original owner. Any parts (excluding filters) required within the first ten years will be furnished free of charge by the Authorized Dealer from whom the power unit was originally purchased. In addition, all SilentMaster units are guaranteed for life against defects in materials and workmanship. If an Authorized Dealer is not nearby, M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. will honor and perform required warranty services. The end user must return the unit to the factory freight pre-paid. This warranty does not apply to applications outside of North America, commercial applications, misuse, abuse, acts of God, operating without the filters, or units tampered with by unauthorized personnel.

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