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ACV is an expert at installing central vacuums in commercial spaces. We work with your contractor, or directly with you, to maximize the value of your new central vacuum system. We work with hair salons, day spas, dog kennels, veterinarians, doggie daycare, teeth manufacturers, horse boarding, automotive retailers and more!

Arapahoe Central Vacuum - Installs and services central vacuums in Denver, the Colorado Front Range, and beyond. We service all brands. Call us at 303-761-0729 for service or installation.

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Commercial Installations

Installations - New Construction - Retro-fit - Commercial
Arapahoe Central Vacuum (ACV) has over a decade of experience and is fully insured. We install and service commercial applications. Here are a few examples of our work:

Local salon:

This "tenant finish" featured four VacPan sweep inlets for removing hair, and one inlet for general clean-up with a hose. There was no suspended ceiling. The owner used blackout paint on all the mechanical equipment above eye level, including our PVC pipe. Flo-Master C650 vacuum power unit with 653 Airwatts was plenty of power for the 40 foot basic "garage kit" hose.

National barber franchised chain:

Since this salon had smaller debris, from shaving customers and using clippers, the client wanted four hose inlets, with four 12 foot hoses, located near each hair cutting station. Client chose to install a vacuum unit with sound suppression.

Locally owned restaurant with a deep fryer:

A Mexican restaurant had a burned out vacuum motor, installed by another company. After examining the machine, we diagnosed that grease had plugged up the "permanent gore-tex filter" in the Beam style vacuum. This is an example of a central vacuum company selling a customer the wrong equipment for the job. We replaced the vacuum unit with a bagged machine, so the grease was removed each time the bag was changed. Now the filter isn't packed with grease and dirt.

This is a client of ACV. We modified a work station so the employees could have a spotless work area. Manufacturing crowns and dental implants is a very precise skill. A central vacuum enables technicians to work with a reduced amount of debris, leading to an easier and more exact production. Specialized dental equipment:

Our dental crown manufacturers receive an impression of a tooth from a dentist, which they use to cast an artificial tooth. The technician grinds porcelain or a zirconia compound to the correct shape. This process creates an overwhelming amount of dust if not swept away. A central vacuum, with modified inlets and tools makes this work much cleaner and therefore easier to accomplish, with greater accuracy. Griding porcelain or a zirconia compounds can leave a work station with an excessive amount of dust. A central vacuum inlet seated in the table of the work area ellivates much of the dust and dirt that can hamper the task. ACV has built equipment for several tooth manufacturers, and understands how this specialized application works.

Arapahoe Central Vacuum has worked on many new commercial construction projects, large and small, as well as many retro-fitted installations (tenant finishes). Commercial projects can require things like insurance, workman's compensation insurance, hard hats, visibility vest, steeled toe boots, and current safety training. ACV has the experience to show up on site ready to get the job done.

Arapahoe Central Vacuum - Serving Colorado's Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Foothills, Mountain Communities, and the Eastern Plains - Contact us at: 303-761-0729 or email info@arapahoecentralvac.com