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ACV sells all electrical powerheads, but features the best quality equipment for your central vacuum. The Stealth Powerhead is guaranteed to never break a belt. The Ace Powerhead is self-propelled, and has a reputation for never breaking belts. See the comparison of the powerheads.

Arapahoe Central Vacuum - Installs and services central vacuums in Denver, the Colorado Front Range, and beyond. We service all brands. Call us at 303-761-0729 for service or installation.

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Specs for Stealth, Ace, BlackHawk



This is a Blackhawk Powerhead kit. The Blackhawk is a budget powerhead, perfect for any budget. Ace Kit The Stealth Power Head kit is the best powerhead kit on the market. ACV sells all brands of powerheads, and believes that the Stealth is the most value for the money, as well as the most maintenance free powerhead you can buy. The Stealth Powerhead is guaranteed to never break a belt.
BlackHawk Kit Ace Kit Stealth Kit
ACV's Ratings Budget Best Value Highest Quality
Overload Belt Protection yes yes Circuit Board Sensitivity
Cogged Belt yes yes yes
Noise Not Quiet Quiet Very Quiet
Edge Cleaning* Acceptable Excellent Superb
Height Adjustment** x 4 Levels 12 Levels
Neck Swivel*** x x 180-degree
Brush Disconnect
x x
Main Brush
Measurements (WxL)
13" x 8" 14-1/2" x 8-1/2" 15" x 8-3/4"
Furniture Clearance 4" 3-1/4" 3-1/2"
Durability Good High Outstanding
Headlight x
Pliable Crushproof
Electric Hose
Warranty 2-year
Entire Kit
Entire Kit
Lifetime Belt
5-year Motor
3-year Stealth
2-year Kit
Main Wands 2-piece Telescopic Telescopic
Secondary Wands x Telescopic Telescopic
Swivel Hard
Floor Brush Wheeled
12" 12" Axis Floor Brush
6" Upholstery Tool
Air Relief Valve
Basic Dusting Brush Deluxe
Crevice Tool
Tool Caddy
x x
Hose Hanger Wire Wire Wire
Wand Wall Clamp x x 2
Tool Storage Bag Mesh Caddy Mesh Caddy Mesh Caddy

*    Edge Cleaning refers to the side of the brush with the smallest gap between the outer edge of the brush and the suction chamber.
**   Height Adjustment allows for optimum carpet grooming.
***  Neck Swivel refers to the degree the hose handle can be rotated left and right. More rotation makes for easier maneuvering and more comfort.

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