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Cutting hair is an art and a skill. For salon owners and managers, it is also a well oiled machine that needs to run without any hitches.

This is why cleaning up the hair is just as important as conjuring up the next new-wave up-do. If not removed from the work space, hair begins to take over every surface.

Hair salons and barber shops are a specialty with Arapahoe Central Vacuum (ACV). Central vacuums can be a useful tool in a salon setting, but proper installation is crucial. Hair can create a nasty clog, but Arapahoe Central Vacuum knows how to pipe hair salons for maximum benefit, minimum clogs.

Arapahoe Central Vacuum understands the subtleties of installing PVC pipes into a hair salon, barber shop, or spa. Removing hair is the biggest factor in keeping your workspace or station clean, and being able to sweep the area quickly and efficiently is vital.

With a central vacuum, you don't have fine, loose hair drifting through the air. The freshly cut hair is removed, instantly. When you clean with a central vacuum, using a floor tool, Vroom, or a VacPan™ (many people call this a floor sweep, floor inlet, or sweep inlet), the debris is taken to another part of the building. No more dusty air because of the broom and dustpan.

ACV can install different options for your barber shop, hair salon, or spa. For example, barber shops prefer a Vroom or hose inlet because clippers yield very small pieces of hair that get into everything. A hose can reach places a broom cannot.

Many stylists prefer a VacPan, because it requires only a broom. A quick sweep and the hair is removed, the work space is clean and ready for the next client.

Anyone who has worked in a salon, spa, or barber shop knows the laundry can be a problem too. Not only do the gowns and towels have hair all over them, the dryer itself creates a lot of lint. A hose in the area where the washer and drier are housed can reduce the amount of hair and lint that escapes back into the customer area.

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