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Arapahoe Central Vacuum - Installs and services central vacuums in Denver, the Colorado Front Range, and beyond. We service all brands. Call us at 303-761-0729 for service or installation.

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Dual Voltage


The business end of the PVC pipe is always clad with a neat, yet highly functional inlet. There are several inlet options, including electrical (110v) inlets, low-voltage inlets, Vac Pans, Hide-A-Hose, and more. A variety of style and functionality can be found with these inlets, to blend into your home's decor.

Specialty inlets like the floor sweep or the Vroom retractable hose inlet, can make deploying your central vacuum easier than ever.

Arapahoe Central Vacuum - Serving Colorado's Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, Foothills, Mountain Communities, and the Eastern Plains - Contact us at: 303-761-0729 or email info@arapahoecentralvac.com