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Powerheads: Electrical

Products - Powerheads - Electrical - TurboCat - Hand Held


The Stealth Powerhead is the Lamborghini of central vacuum accessories. Its Italian engineered motor stops the beater-bar when there is a load on the transmission.

This means no more broken belts!

The Stealth Kit features:
Italian engineered power brush
Extremely quiet operation
Crush-proof electric Lindhaus Hose with gas pump handle
Two Year Warranty
Lifetime belt warranty
One pass debris pick-up
Accessories and storage Bag - Includes Axis Brush

=>See the comparision between the Stealth, Ace, and Blackhawk powerheads.

Ace Powerhead

Experience the benefits of the Ace Electric Power Brush. The Ace is the all around winner for longevity, power, edge cleaning, and price. Plus it is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Ace's most popular features include:
Plush carpet adjustments
V-Belt Protection Technology
Quiet operation
Highest height adjustment
Self-propelled beater-bar for easy of use
Illuminated housing
Crush-proof electric Lindhaus Hose with gas pump handle
Foot release of wands
Accessories and storage tools

=>See the comparision between the Stealth, Ace, and Blackhawk powerheads.
    Ace Vacuum Powerhead Electric

Powerheads: Turbine - Air-Driven

Turbo-Cat power beater bar    


Enjoy a groomed carpet without the expense of an electric powerhead kit, with this light-duty air-driven powerhead. Let the air from your vacuum system do the work by transferring energy to TurboCat's air turbine, belt, and roller brush, and then watch as hair and embedded dirt vanish away.

Black Turbo Cat Vacuum The TurboCat Kit features:
Includes on/off switch on the hose!
Lightweight Vacuum
Powerful grooming action
Cogged belt
Tufted bristles
Accessories and storage tools
Ideal accessory for the Hide-A-Hose system!

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Hand Held Powerheads

The type of flooring should be considered when choosing a powerhead. You should also consider what kind of particulates will be eliminated (dirt).

For example, if a home has a considerable amount of carpeting, an electrically powered beater-bar should be considered. Another application demanding an electrical beater-bar would be a home with carpeting and pets.

Homes with more hardwood, tile, and laminate should consider a retractable hose, which always is paired with Depending on how your home was wired for central vacuum (or not wired), you may have the option of an electrically powered beater-bar (110v). If your home was plumbed with inlets that do not supply electricty to the hose, you can still enjoy an electrical beater-bar. A corded hose allows you to plug the hose into the inlet, and gives you the option of plugging a cord into an electrical outlet.

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