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Arapahoe Central Vacuum is a leader when it comes to installing central vacuums in the pet services industry. ACV has installed many central vacuums in doggie daycare facilities, veterinarian offices, surgical rooms, dog boarding kennels, and dog grooming areas. Pet hair is a specialty for us!

Arapahoe Central Vacuum - Installs and services central vacuums in Denver, the Colorado Front Range, and beyond. We service all brands. Call us at 303-761-0729 for service or installation.

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A central vacuum can be one of the best tools you have for keeping your work area clean. Dogs and cats can leave behind plenty of hair, so don't be overwhelmed with cleaning up. Use a central vacuum and a clean kennel, exam room, office is a cinch! If you are in the pet services industry, whether it be doggie daycare, pet grooming, boarding, or veterinarian services, you know animals leave debris behind no matter where they have been. Plus, a doctor's office must be clean and well organized. When the client is an animal, rather than a human, this concept is even more vital.

When attending to any creature, being in control of the situation also means keeping your work area clean. Arapahoe Central Vacuum (ACV) understands how important it is to eliminate what the patient has left behind, so the work area is spotless for the next client.

ACV has installed central vacuum equipment in doggie daycare facilities, surgical rooms, grooming and boarding areas, as well as waiting rooms, examination rooms, and offices. Convenience is always considered, with a focus on safety and sanitation.

ACV has wet and dry options. We service existing veterinarian offices, and work with all dry and wet/dry vac equipment, such as Drain Vac, Cyclo Vac, and Aquaair.

Kitty litter can be a big problem, but not for those vet techs with a central vac! Arapahoe Central Vacuum also is flexible about what type of equipment is installed. Some in the pet service industry like the comprehensive coverage of a hose. Hoses can be stationary or retractable. The Hide-A-Hose or Vroom is a great option. Vac Pans can also be a great option in areas with large concrete, tile, or laminate flooring.

We also are skilled at installing wet-dry options, so team members can wash an area down, then quickly go back and suck the water away. When a wet-dry option is available, wet spills (along with other wet incidents) can be cleaned up very quickly.

Kittys love to be brushed. Don't hesitate to embrace your favorite customer. His fur is history when you sweep it up with a central vac! Since ACV works with many hair salons, barber shops, groomers and veterinarians, we are experts in setting up your central vacuum system so hair clogs are at a minimum. Hair can be a problem if installers do not understand that a built-in vacuum cannot be installed the same way it is in a residential setting. ACV has developed special systems and installation procedures for hair.

Not that you would want to shave Zen's long downy fur, but if you had to, your clean-up would be a snap. The less time you are cleaning, means the more time you have to spend with the customer, whether he has paws, or not. Now go fetch me that brush, Zen.

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